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How-to guide: Building on-air TV graphics to showcase audience participation

These days, audiences are being bombarded with too many distractions and sources of entertainment across multiple devices and platforms. This represents a challenge for TV broadcasters, streamers and content creators, who need to work in engaging...

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Quick Polls & Scoring mechanics, FB Reactions Polls, Twitter Moments and WhatsApp integration: New solutions to activate audiences and streamline news production.

In the attention economy, with an increasing number of options for consumers to get access to content, live or on-demand, on a variety of devices and platforms (mobile phones, connected TVs, OTTs, linear TV, etc), the challenge for content...

Shoppable Content: A new way for brands to increase online sales using consumer-generated or branded content

According to recent stats, Instagram has over 800 million monthly active users, 60% of them use the platform to find new products, 80% follow a business and 75% of users take action after visiting a post (Source: Hootsuite). With those numbers in...

New Content Inbox:  A more efficient way to discover and manage social media content

If you are a social media manager, TV producer, news editor or your daily work implies sifting through and curating social media posts, videos and photos, we have great news for you!

Webinar (Spanish) - New innovation opportunities for Facebook Live

Thanks to its huge engagement rates, Facebook Live has become one of the most popular and predilected channels for brands and media to connect with their audiences.

4 reasons why you should implement a UGC strategy

As a brand, the stories you tell are more likely to be listened and embraced if there are certain characters and key elements that convey authenticity and generate empathy with your consumers.

How to increase your eCommerce traffic and sales with Social Media and UGC

Driving traffic to an online store is probably one of the biggest challenges digital marketers have to face. With thousands of other players battling for the same audience, cutting through the noise and getting people to notice what you have to...

How to collect first-party data with interactive experiences

Investing efforts and resources in digital marketing initiatives without having the right data, is like sailing without having the proper navigation tools. There are multiple factors that can influence on the effectiveness of a digital campaign,...

New tools to work with Instagram content

With 600 Million monthly active users and more than 95 million photos and videos shared every day, Instagram has become one of the most popular social environments for people to share significant moments of their life.  

How to handle Social Media rights on User-Generated Content

User Generated Content (UGC) has become a crucial part of any digital marketing  strategy and one of most valuable content assets for brands. Real content from real people brings authenticity to the brand’s messaging and turns customers into the...