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4 ideas for covering elections using Social Media

Years ago, big political announcements were made at press conferences. Now, candidates tend to use platforms like Twitter to announce important information, including about things as important as who’ll their running mates will be. Social media...

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Making Entertainment Shows Even More Entertaining: 5 Ways to Get Your Audience’s Attention and Hold On to It

Nowadays, viewers are used to getting what they want when they went want it. On-demand content is more popular than ever, which means that while broadcasters might be competing for the human attention span, they also have an exciting opportunity...

#Monetization: How Audience Participation Mechanics Can Be Turned into Revenue-Generating Spaces.

We are living in the era of the bespoke user experience. By simply using their devices and social media platforms, users can vote on which contestant should be eliminated from a game show or predict which team will win a sporting match. Users can...

Creating Facebook Live Polls with Flowics

Live video streaming continues to rise in popularity and Facebook, including Instagram and together with rivals like YouTube and Twitch, is one of the preferred social platforms for broadcasters, streamers and creators of live video content.

Flowics partners with cloud-based video platform Grabyo

Grabyo and Flowics partner to simplify real-time audience interactivity for live video on social and digital platforms. 

Introducing our new Real-Time Interactive Graphics builder

At Flowics, we are on a mission to help broadcasters, streamers and content creators to attract, retain and monetize audiences, by engaging viewers with interactive experiences that run in multiple digital environments.

Year in review: A look back to some of our highlights of 2018

2018 is coming to an end and it’s a great opportunity to share and review some of the goals we achieved over the course of this year.

Instagram API Changes: what they mean for your business and how to adapt to them?

On April 4, 2018, Facebook announced a number of important changes to the Instagram APIs. These changes were, in part, an acceleration of their plans to move all developers using their original API (from the moment Instagram was an independent...

Introducing our new Content Discovery tool: A faster way to find and curate the social content that matters to you.

News production needs to respond fast to trending events and breaking news to stay ahead of competition and tell stories that resonate with their audiences, to keep them engaged. If you’re a news producer and a story is breaking either at local...

How-to guide: Building on-air TV graphics to showcase audience participation

These days, audiences are being bombarded with too many distractions and sources of entertainment across multiple devices and platforms. This represents a challenge for TV broadcasters, streamers and content creators, who need to work in engaging...