Success Story - WIN Sports: Remote Production with Graphics and Interactivity Powered by Flowics

In recent posts, we’ve shown how broadcasters and TV shows are having to quickly get their operations on the cloud and how Flowics can help with these new remote production workflows.

How Flowics Supports Broadcasters’ Remote Production Workflows

Broadcasters’ shift to the cloud is not something new. The way we produce, distribute and consume video content has been experiencing huge changes in past years, due in part to the accelerated development and adoption of cloud infrastructure.

New Features for Cloud Graphics Authoring and Audience Participation Management

Today, we are happy to announce a number of additions to the Flowics platform to help our customers create and remotely operate Cloud Graphics for Digital Shows and to manage audience participation.

Take a look at what's new!

Supporting the Industry in Difficult Times

As you know and it’s widely reported in the news, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading widely around the world. Today, we want to share with you what we are doing at Flowics to mitigate any impact in our business and to our employees and to...

How to enrich news coverage with audience participation and social media content

More and more TV programs are using social content as part of their daily material and as a way of complementing important news. Watching the news is no longer a passive experience, and audiences are seeking a bigger role in the conversation. At the...

Twitch live chat, Twitter native polls and new Cloud Graphics release: new viewer engagement & cloud production tools

Over the past few months weve been adding some great new functionalities to our platform, in order to help our clients streamline their production workflows and deliver richer interactive experiences to their audiences. Here’s whats new:

How can Sports Organizations bring more value to their digital properties to Increase Fan Engagement and Create New Revenue Streams

Digital spaces can become extensions of physical ones. Extend your fans’ experience from the court or field onto digital play-spaces in which they become key players in a virtual game. Not only is this a way to generate distinctive income streams,...

Success Story - MTV Hits: Multi-platform Experiences to Connect with a New Generation of Audiences

MTV’s programming has changed in recent years, but the essence of the channel—the combination of TV and music that became so popular in the 80s and 90s—has remained alive thanks to shows like MTV Hits. However, it’s clear that the way in which...

Using Flowics to Engage Fans at Sporting Venues

Sports fans are consuming content in a different way than ever before. While some fans choose to watch games from the comfort of their living rooms, many continue to frequent stadiums for the incomparable rush of the live, in-person experience of...

2019 recap: What a year!

2020 is just around the corner and is an excellent opportunity to look back at everything we have accomplished during 2019.

It's been an exciting year, with big news in the Media industry (hello Disney+), new technologies being widely adopted (cloud...