River Plate from Argentina powers its relationship with fans through Flowics

Football fans have returned to the stadiums, and now fans of Argentina’s River Plate club can share their experience through the club’s social networks before and during home games in Monumental Stadium. This interaction is possible thanks to River Plate’s recent adoption of the Flowics Graphics platform and Second Screen modules.

River Plate debuted the interactive capabilities at the Superclassic match against Boca Juniors, which ended with the local team winning 2-1, with goals by Julián Álvarez for River and Carlos Zambrano for Boca just before the final whistle.

river-plate (5)

Through QR codes on the stadium screen, fans were directed
to a landing page to participate — all provided by Flowics.

Fans of River had many reasons to celebrate. Returning to the stands of Monumental Stadium was one of them, so River set up the hashtag #juntosotravez. Photos, videos, and messages of passionate fans reveling in the reunion were constant in social networks such as Twitter and Instagram. And thanks to Flowics Graphics, many of those images were shared on Monumental Stadium’s big screen.

After the Superclassic match, River Plate launched the hashtag #FotoMonumental for fans to share their photos.


The big screen at the stadium showed a QR code that fans could scan remotely with their mobile devices. With this link, the River Plate club added new ways of interacting with fans in the stadium through their participation in social networks and the club’s digital platforms.

Therein lies the importance of Flowics Graphics implementations like this. Flowics Graphics allows venues to display unified graphics on screen, including photos of fans and any other information that the team wants to introduce. At the same time, Second Screen makes it possible to provide the interactivity fans expect today, allowing them to use their mobiles to engage with the team’s social networks and digital channels.
“Flowics has given us the opportunity to improve the interactivity with all River Plate fans, not only for those at the stadium, but also for those who aren’t there in person, powering our social networks and digital destinations”
Socorro Estrada
Communications and Media Manager at River Plate

These shared images had impact beyond the stadium because they gave fans that were not at the venue a way to connect — not only with the game itself, but also with the excitement in the stands.


What’s more, the implementation makes it possible for fans to play trivia before the games or during the halftime as a way to learn more about the history of the club. With Flowics Graphics powering River Plate’s social networks, the club can increase conversation before the games while also increasing traffic on its digital platforms.

river-plate (6)

Photos and videos of the fans, in the stadium or in their homes,
are displayed on the stadium screen.

Another big benefit: These new forms of dynamic engagement generate additional business inventory and exposure for club sponsors.