Satisfying escalating demand for sports data with the Stats Perform Data Connector for Flowics Graphics: the ESPN case

Even the most casual viewer will be aware of how important live statistics and other data are to the experience of watching a big sports event these days. Whether it’s a major athletics competition or a global football tournament, rich data brings invaluable context and understanding to sports coverage – and also helps to retain viewers when they are faced with more choices than ever before.

Therefore, it’s only logical that sports broadcasters repeatedly place a huge emphasis on being able to deploy data in a smooth and seamless way. This inevitably requires a high level of integration with graphics and replay systems, although it may come as a surprise to discover that the incorporation of live data into broadcast graphics can still be very challenging.


It’s with all of these factors in mind that we are bringing to market a powerful new data capability for our cloud-based broadcast engine

In tandem with becoming an official partner of Stats Perform and a member of the company’s Sports Partners Intelligence Network (SPIN), Flowics is able to provide a native connector for Stats Perform APIs that allows integration of sports data and statistics without the need for any custom development. It also represents the first one in a long line of integrations that includes the development of data connectors for many other data providers across different verticals.

As with all other data connectors, the Stats Perform solution has been developed for optimum ease of use. For a start, it doesn’t require any hardware or local software, which paves the way for significantly more straightforward production workflows. As well as providing data for on-site producers and technicians, data can also be easily integrated into remote graphics workflows. With the general expectation that an increased level of remote and at-home production will continue after the pandemic, this is a capability that will surely remain in high demand.

Mutual clients & many events

As production levels continue to rise on the back of sustained growth in the streaming market, it’s inevitable that broadcasters – and their production and service partners – will be looking for time-saving tools of all kinds. This is an area in which our partnership and data integration will play a key role as it enables Stats Perform and Flowics’ mutual clients to draw on data from dozens of sports and competitions, including games from all soccer leagues and other leagues like the NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL. Users simply configure their authentication keys into the system and the Flowics connector will take care of the rest.

With competition for viewers becoming more intense all the time, sports broadcasters are looking to distinguish their offerings in all sorts of ways – some more visible than others. Here, too, the Flowics Stats Perform Connector is able to assist by supporting data augmentations that mean clients can add extra fields to the original datasets provided by Stats Perform – for example, with language translations and custom images of players or team logos.


Our first customer to use the new connector has been ESPN Latin America. The deployment revolves around a sports news format, SportsCenter+, that is being transmitted on the new Disney's OTT service Star+. The channel delivers 10 hours of live coverage per weekend and includes extensive news content.

For the format of this channel, a left bar overlay is visible at all times. Star+ is using the Stats Perform Connector in conjunction with Flowics Graphics, which allows a wide variety of data to be displayed during live transmission of sports events, including:

  • Game score
  • Fixtures
  • Top Scorers
  • League Standings
  • Match Stats

Watch the video below to see how ESPN Latin America is currently using Flowics Graphics and the Stats Perform Data Connector:

Developing the Flowics Graphics platform, we have maintained a sharp focus on providing tools that make sports broadcasters’ lives easier. With the current boom in content production and the need to make workflows more streamlined, the integration with Stats Perform couldn’t be more timely. As ESPN is already showing, it provides a simple but creative route to on-screen data, and we can’t wait to see what other broadcasters achieve with it.