Simplify Your NDI Workflow With the New Flowics NDI Converter App

We're excited to announce a new tool that will streamline your live production workflows. Do you find yourself using the NDI® standard more often for your live productions? That’s certainly a trend we’ve noticed.

Today we want to introduce a new tool that will help producers to use HTML5 graphics as NDI video source. If you want to integrate Flowics’ broadcast graphics through NDI, now there’s an easy and free way to do it — the Flowics NDI Converter App.


It's a dedicated app that converts HTML5 broadcast graphics to the NDI video streaming format. It lets you configure both resolution and frame rate, and it fully supports audio and video playback .

NDI converter Flowics

Gone are the days of relying on third-party NDI conversion tools that add more complexity — and sometimes more expense — to your workflow. Now you just install our free Windows app and get simple, integrated NDI conversion with an easy-to-use GUI. You can also run it from the command line.

This is just one more step forward in our mission to give producers the best tools possible to simplify production workflows and create more interactive content. And it’s free for anyone to use, whether you’re a Flowics client or not.

Download the app for free and get started today. It’s also available on NewTek’s NDI marketplace.

Download Flowics NDI Converter

Check out this article for simple instructions on how to use it.

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