Success Case: Telemetro Panamá (Medcom) achieves record-breaking audience interactivity levels for “Yo me llamo”

Yo me llamo is the most popular musical talent show in Panama broadcasted by the Telemetro signal (MEDCOM group). Throughout the 10 episodes of its second season, the production established a new strategy designed to give the audience an active voice in determining the outcome of the show. By giving viewers a leading role with interactive multi-platform experiences powered by Flowics, Yo me llamo led the ratings week by week and achieved high rates of audience participation.

Below you can see some of the interactive experiences implemented throughout this season to keep the audience engaged.

The 5th Judge - Audience scoring

One of the key factors that contributed to the show's success was the tactic of letting fans provide feedback on each contestant’s performance in a way that influenced the final results. During each episode, the public stood in as the “5th judge”, being able to rate the artists’ performances from one to ten via the site or through MEDCOM GO App. Once their votes were casted, they were added to the votes of the four judges in the studio to determine the outcome. This interactive approach took viewer engagement levels to new heights, giving the audience the chance to help define the future of each participant.


Flowics’ Scoring widget integrated on MEDCOM GO App and on Telemetro’s webisite



Artists’ performance results contemplating the 5th judge vote.

“Who returns to the show?” - #Hashtag battles

The public also had the opportunity to decide which of the eliminated artists should return to the show at a certain point in the season by voting for their favorites using Hashtags on social networks (Instagram and Twitter).


CTA on Twitter inviting the public to vote for who should return to the show.


Flowics fulfilled one of the main objectives of Yo Me Llamo, which is for the audience to feel like a part of the program that participates, expresses their opinions and plays an important role with their decisions. This is building loyalty and fandom since their "voice" is heard and their decisions and opinions influence the development of a program that is organically being built week by week (despite being a structured format). Flowics is essential to achieve this audience-production connection. With the information obtained from our fans, we are able to tailor a large part of the script to meet their expectations.


Luciano Ciampoli - Yo Me Llamo Executive producer


Experience Extension - “Dual” show

To extend the audience engagement beyond the mainstream event, the production released an alternative production ("dual program") of Yo me llamo with deeper opportunities for audience participation. This show – available exclusively through the MEDCOM GO app – started half an hour earlier than the main show, as a preview and then ran for the duration of Yo me llamo. During this dual program, the production team maximized audience interaction with multiple participation mechanics; they conducted polls on social media and invited viewers to submit their comments for the chance to have them displayed on-screen through a social wall powered by Flowics.

muro social

Dynamics unlocking: Flock-to-Unlock

Another resource implemented by Yo Me Llamo, also available on the Flowics platform, was the weekly used mechanic Flock-to-Unlock. Aiming to achieve a high volume of mentions on social media and build anticipation before the broadcasts, Yo Me llamo invited the audience to unlock different contests on social media by commenting with a certain #hashtag. Once a certain number of mentions of the #yomellamopa hashtag was reached, a special promotion was unlocked which allowed participants to access different prizes.

f2u_ymllFlock-to-Unlock graphics on-air


Monetization - new revenue streams

All the experiences described allowed Telemetro to not only to achieve record levels of interactivity and audience ratings, but also to create new revenue streams through innovative advertising formats. Each of the participation dynamics was sponsored by a different brand, providing advertisers a new way to raise awareness and reach a large audience. The soaring engagement levels attained through the audience participation features enabled Telemetro to vastly expand its advertising inventory.

For us who work in the digital area of ​​YO ME LLAMO, it was very valuable to have Flowics as an ally of our commercial and content strategies. It allowed us to give a voice and the opportunity to vote to the audiences and fans who follow YO ME LLAMO on all our channels and platforms. We wanted them to feel like part of this project, especially in the situation that we are going through at this moment - and we were able to achieve this using the Flowics platform.


Yariza Avecilla, Digital Marketing Manager - MEDCOM


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