Success Story - MTV Hits: Multi-platform Experiences to Connect with a New Generation of Audiences

MTV’s programming has changed in recent years, but the essence of the channel—the combination of TV and music that became so popular in the 80s and 90s—has remained alive thanks to shows like MTV Hits. However, it’s clear that the way in which people are consuming content is different now than in prior decades, which begs the question: how can we keep adolescent viewers engaged during 2 hours music-video programming? (especially when they can access the same videos at any time on a wide range of live-streaming platforms)


MTV hits is a program broadcasted on Linear TV in both Argentina and Brazil during a prime schedule time for the channel. For 2 hours, music videos linked to specific hashtags, genres, and topics defined by production are shown.


The need to adapt this type of offering to current TV needs has led MTV to face the following challenges:

  • Finding new ways to attract young TV-viewers to a music video show
  • Retaining this audience for 2 hours with pre-recorded content
  • Developing new strategies for generating income.


MTV came up with a completely new format. Human hosts were replaced with Mabel, a mysterious virtual VJ. Mabel leads the show—presenting guests, generating topics of conversation, and challenging the audience to participate in different activities.

With this virtual host at the helm, this multi-platform show achieves a rich narrative and storytelling capacity via Twitter and the conversations between Mabel and viewers.


To further enrich this experience, different interactivity mechanics that help to reinforce the link between Mabel and the audience are employed during the show. They keep the audience connected for the 2 hour-duration of the program.

On air Twitter comments

Real-time conversations on Twitter make their way onto the main screen, where the best viewer comments are displayed.

Daily hashtags define the topics of the day, and viewers participate as videos are played on air.


Hashtag Battles

During the show, the audience participates in surveys and votes. Who will win the next battle? Who do you want to be on our next show? These battles play out on Twitter, where viewers are able to elect their favorite option by commenting with specific hashtags.


Rankings / Top Authors


Followers of the show make up a loyal viewership, and above all, they love Mabel. At the end of each episode, a ranking is given to the most active contributors over the 2 hours of the show. This promotes intense interaction, so that audience members can earn some spotlight among “Mabelists.”



Because this is a multi-platform show, channel can generate new revenue streams. Brands can associate themselves with both the on-screen or Twitter experience. For example, before commercial breaks, brand-sponsored Tweets are featured on air.


Thanks to these activities on the show and the experience given to the audience, MTV Hits is one of the most influential shows for the channel’s ratings and is a Trending Topic on the days it’s broadcasted.

MTV uses Flowics’ platform in order to run these types of participation mechanics.

“The ease of implementation with Flowics has allowed us at ViacomCBS to make our workflows notably more agile, optimizing time and technical & creative resources. Over the 3 years that we’ve worked with Flowics, we’ve been able to develop new interactive participation formats, all thanks to their platform and the support team that assists us quickly and at all times.”

Sr. Marketing & Digital Director

Music & Entertainment Brands 


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