Supporting the Industry in Difficult Times

As you know and it’s widely reported in the news, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading widely around the world. Today, we want to share with you what we are doing at Flowics to mitigate any impact in our business and to our employees and to help our customers and partners to face this global crisis.

We are committed to support our customers and the industry when they need us most. 

Helping the Media Industry

These are challenging times for all of us and probably a crucial inflection point for mass media and news organizations, who must take a vital role in keeping their viewers duly informed and stay close to their audiences while keeping their employees safe.

All businesses are being forced to adapt to a new environment, and the Broadcast industry is not the exception.

From a production standpoint, new workflows must be put in practice to support a remote operation for staff working from home. While a 100% remote production might not be possible in all cases, there are alternatives for hybrid or fully-remote production, specially for digital shows. Cloud-based production tools are perfect for this. You can check our partners from Grabyo, Tellyo or Kiswe. All these platforms support the insertion of Flowics cloud-based Graphics, which can be remotely operated.

From a content perspective, there are many challenges as well:

If you are a News Network, either at national or local level, your role in the coming weeks will be crucial. Stay connected with your audience, ask them to share their feelings and concerns on social media, listen to them and give them a voice. Some tips:
  • Create specific hashtags for viewers to share their concerns and questions about the COVID-19.
  • Share the most relevant comments on air and answer questions from the audience.
  • Open new channels of communication to reach a broader audience, specially for the elderly. For example, set up a WhatsApp number for users to share voice messages and videos with their feelings, and show that on air.
  • Don't miss any official update, stay on top of what's happening by keeping and eye and monitoring to official social media profiles from entities like the CDC (in the US), WHO, national and local authorities, etc.
  • Create a Social Hub, automatically updated in real-time, to aggregate the most relevant posts on social media from official sources, offering your readers and viewers a single destination to check a curated stream of useful content and information.
If you are Sports Broadcaster, you are facing an unprecedented situation in which not a single live sport event is taking place, and will take place for the next weeks. So you need to adjust your programming to this new reality. How are you planning to fill those gaps? Here are some ideas:
  • Re-air archived content: do you own the rights for UCL Champions League? Do you remember that memorable 6-1 between FC Barcelona and PSG at the Camp Nou. How about re-airing that game but with a twist? Turn it into an interactive broadcast, allow viewers to participate: run quizzes to test their memory, ask fans to re-share how they celebrated every key moment of that game, add additional data or statistics not available at that time, or even try to have one of the players as a Guest commentator.
  • Create new formats like Game Shows to keep viewers entertained, even if there are no live events.

If you need advice on how to best implement these or other strategies as part of your programming and production workflows, don't hesitate to contact us. Our Customer Success team is ready to help. 

Business Operation

Following local and international health directives, we at Flowics have taken all measures within our reach to help contain and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in our communities and globally. 

All Flowics offices are now closed and will remain closed until further notice. We have moved to a 100% remote operation, with all our collaborators and employees working from home, cancelling all business trips and in-person meetings. We have the tools and the technology in place to support this scenario of remote work. Our customer support channels will continue to operate without impact to our customers, as well. Same with all other areas of our company.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and notify our clients in case we have any operational impact to our service as a result of COVID-19.