The new reality for live concerts - Interactive livestreams

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the entertainment industry in ways that have rarely been seen before. For several months now, producers and artists have been forced to find new strategies to cope with this severe setback - a setback which resulted in the suspension of all concerts planned for the year. With stadiums and venues closed, the only alternative is to bring live event "experiences" to fans' home living rooms via digital platforms. Clearly this represents a paradigm shift with new challenges and questions: How can we ensure the audience feels connected to virtual shows? How can digital platforms be used to enrich the experience in new ways? What is the best way to produce these events remotely? But above all, how can we monetize these virtual concerts and keep the sponsors involved? In this context, the Flowics platform has begun to be widely adopted by various artists and producers with the aim of turning livestreams into experiences that combine audience participation with engaging graphic components. In this blog post we are going to explore innovative ways in which clients have implemented Flowics to promote viewer engagement through interactivity features and the remote creation and operation of on-air graphics during their benefit shows.

Maisa Silva - #Maisa18

To celebrate the 18th birthday of Maisa Silva (a popular Brazilian artist), she teamed up with the producer Bufalos to carry out a virtual charity event on YouTube. The event was "Pajama Party" themed and was aimed at raising funds for those most affected by the pandemic.


During the over-2-hour live show, the audience had ample opportunity to get involved; they could participate in numerous polls on Twitter, submit their comments to be displayed on air and enjoy a live production with appealing visual components.

This initiative helped the producers:

  • Monetize the show thanks to the participation of sponsors who were excited about the potential reach and brand awareness an experience like this could bring.
  • Make raising funds simple and straightforward with the insertion of QR codes on screen that facilitated the donation of money.
  • Generate high levels of engagement ​​and keep the audience feeling connected for the duration of the show with interactive dynamics enabling live discussion with the audience.


The result:

  • + 350k mentions with the hashtag #Maisa18
  • Over 50K viewers
  • More than 120K votes in their polls

Luan Santana - #FiqueEmCasa

Similar to the previous case, Luan Santana, another very popular Brazilian singer, was the main artist of this interactive livestream that invited the audience to enjoy an intimate event from the comfort of their homes. Unlike Maisa's livestream, this event lasted for over 8 hours. Therefore, the challenge of keeping the audience entertained for so long was even greater and using audience participation tools was a key factor in maintaining high viewer engagement.


  • More than 1.5 million viewers.
  • More than 4 million mentions on Twitter


For both shows, the production teams used Flowics graphics editor to create their entire graphics package and integrate on-air social media content, audience participation features and all of the graphic elements presented throughout the events. Flowics' cloud-based application also enabled the production teams to create, edit and manipulate the on-screen graphics entirely remotely and cue sponsored content as needed.



When will we be able enjoy a live event in person again? The truth is that there is no concrete answer for this. The current reality is that artists and producers alike are continuously adopting virtual formats to bring their art to fans in this uncertain time. Digital tools like Flowics are empowering artists and producers to create interactive, engaging experiences and generate new revenue streams in this climate.

If you would like to see how Flowics can help you deliver an interactive experience for your next livestream, don't hesitate to schedule a demo!