How UGC trumps Influencers: the "Chewacca Mom" case

Candace didn’t have the biggest following on Facebook, nor was she a big celebrity or renowned journalist. She is the mother of Duncan and Cadence who went to Kohl’s to “make some returns” and got the Chewacca mask she absolutely loved. She made...

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3 ways Social Sponsorship differs from Traditional Sponsorships

In previous posts, we have discussed Social Sponsorship and how it can add value to audiences, brands and media. Since then, we have received numerous questions about how this type of sponsorship contrasts with the old school types and what pros...

5 reasons why you may need a Social Media Command Center

Social Media has become ubiquitous and the need for brands, media and publishers to have a social strategy is now apparent to all. The use of Social Networks as marketing platform has grown enormously in the past 5 years and will continue to grow...

Flock to Unlock - A powerful solution to boost social engagement

The success of a social campaign can be conditioned by a great number of factors, and a very important one the participation dynamic proposed to engage the audience. We want to tell you more about a mechanic used by Movie Studios like Disney,...

Flowics' founders selected as Endeavor entrepreneurs

We are thrilled to announce that Gabriel Baños, Fernando Zunino, Mariano Cortesi, Andres Moratti and Juan Codagnone, Flowics’ Founders, have been selected as Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

Merca2.0 Digital Marketing Conference

November 11-12, Mexico City, Merca2.0, a leading Latin American industry magazine on Digital Marketing and Advertising, held their fourth national conference in the Mexican capital: Congreso Nacional de Marketing Digital.

Flowics at El Ojo de Iberoamérica

Last week, from November 4th to the 6th one of the main international festivals for Latin America’s advertising took place in Buenos Aires: El Ojo de Iberoamérica.

Halloween was also celebrated on Twitter!

Costumes, monsters and Tweets

During these past weeks internet has shown a lot of excitement about this celebration. Designing the perfect costume, carving pumpkins and planning that really spooky party, have been only some of the many activities...

Introducing the new Experience Builder

A couple of months ago we announced the release of our New Visualizations Builder, a versatile tool that helps users create any type of web experience by combining Flowics widgets with typical custom webpage elements in just a few clicks.

Flowics Integrates with Twitter Collections API

Now telling your story is much easier!

Twitter has recently announced at their annual conference “Flight” the release of their new Collections API, and we are really proud of being one of the few initial partners globally supporting it.