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Twitch live chat, Twitter native polls and new Cloud Graphics release: new viewer engagement & cloud production tools

Over the past few months weve been adding some great new functionalities to our platform, in order to help our clients streamline their production workflows and deliver richer interactive experiences to their audiences. Here’s whats new:

Social Media

Twitch support

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 16.19.05

During the past years Twitch has taken over eSports viewing. The demand for a solution to engage gamers on that platform has led us to develop our recent Twitch support. This new feature will help our customers curate and moderate comments shared by the audience in the Twitch chat box. Users will now be able to display audience comments in lower-third graphics, run polls, and use many other participation mechanics to keep gamers engaged.


Twitter polls support

We understand that Twitter native polls are a very effective solution used by many of our customers to engage and interact with their audiences on that social network. But content consumption is fragmented, and this kind of mechanics sometimes needs to transcend the device itself. So in addition to our Social Poll, Facebook Live Poll, and Quick Poll solutions, native Twitter Polls' results can also now be easily displayed on air, integrated with any CG (for traditional broadcast workflows) or our Cloud Graphics.



Cloud Graphics

Conditional Visibility for Building Blocks and Elements 

Our Graphics Builder is increasingly becoming a valuable solution for our customers: It helps them to easily create advanced visualizations of social content and audience participation for live streaming, broadcast, digital signage and events. With our recent addition, users will now be able to assign dynamic variables to elements in a visualization based on predefined conditions. A real-life example? Assigning a green check-mark icon to correct answers on a quiz or poll.

This type of functionalities expands even more our range of possibilities for gamifying the viewer experience. 


Graphics Borders Customization

In order to provide our users with additional tools and flexibility to create even more attractive HTML5 graphics, we have recently added our “Graphics Borders Customization” feature. With this new addition, they will be able to have more control and visual possibilities to design and customize the building blocks’ borders in a very simple way, achieving professional and high quality graphics without having to use any other design tool. 



Vertical video and multiple resolutions support

Vertical video consumption is becoming increasingly popular, and with this new trend, broadcasters and streamers must rethink the way in which they create and produce their content. Our Graphics Builder provides the flexibility to choose any custom resolution to create graphics that best fits your broadcast needs. So whether you are producing a show for linear TV or vertical content for a Facebook Live, we’ve got you covered!


Endless creative possibilities for displaying social media content

Users of our Graphics product can now be as creative as they want when authoring graphics for social media content display. The new Collection Provider included in this release has now a data binding with any Collection created in our Inbox. Users can use the Building Blocks of Text, Image, Post Content and Post Media to custom build any type of graphic scene using content from social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitch, YT Live). Here are some examples of the creative possibilities.


You can even create Tweets visualizations that mimic the Twitter.com interface to show official content from verified sources:



If you're a current Flowics customer, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more about these new features.

If you’re not, contact us to schedule a demo!