Using Flowics Graphics with OBS, vMIX and Wirecast

Adding professional quality graphics with live data, social media content and viewers’ reactions to your live video production is a great strategy for enhancing viewer experience, increasing audience engagement and further monetizing your live content. 

Today we are starting a series of blog posts  to show the variety of ways in which Flowics Graphics can be integrated with different production tools and in different workflows.

In this first post, we'll show you how easy it is to use Flowics Graphics with 3 of the most popular desktop-based production tools in the market: vMix, OBS and Wirecast.


Before we start, an introduction to Flowics Graphics

Flowics Graphics is an entirely cloud-based solution that enables producers to create live graphics for any broadcast using web-based technologies. It enables you to author and remotely operate all kinds of live graphic overlays, and to easily incorporate social media content and audience participation to your production or venue screens.

A graphics package created with Flowics consists of 1 or more Output URLs, which will be used for integration with your favourite production software.


Also, for every graphics package created with Flowics, you'll have another URL for your Remote Control Application, which will be used by producers and graphics operators for live operation.


Using Flowics Graphics with OBS

If you are in the streaming world, this tool probably doesn't need any introduction. OBS is one of the most popular open source softwares for live streaming.

Flowics' integration with this platform is really straightforward. Once you have created your Flowics Graphics Package, you will be able to integrate it as a new Source on OBS: Add a browser source, add the output URL and set the width and height. After inputting the source you will see your graphics added to the OBS.



Using Flowics Graphics with vMIX

vMix is another leading software based solution that provides the tools to create dynamic live productions. It allows you to input videos, cameras, streams and web browser sources.

In your Vmix home page add a Browser source as your Input and copy and paste the Output URL of your Flowics Graphics in the URL field. Now you will be able to see your Graphics in the preview section of vMix.



Using Flowics Graphics with Wirecast

Are you a Wirecast user? This is how it works: Once you have created your Flowics Graphics package, go to Network, select New Web Page and add the Output URL of your Graphics.


Using another production software? Don't worry, we've got you covered; Flowics Graphics can be easily integrated with many other production tools. Check out our Partners & Integrations.

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