Using Flowics to deliver 2nd screen experiences with QR codes

Since it was first introduced, QR technology has spread out to a lot of areas, and the broadcast industry was not the exception.

More and more, we are seeing that the QR codes are being used in TV on ads, to provide additional information about what is going on on-air, and to connect with the second screen expanding the content to a two-way experience with the audience. 

QR codes can help to create an all-embracing second screen experience in a quick and easy way. For that reason, broadcasters are now finding ways to leverage their potential, enhancing the programming and building loyalty with the audience. 

Viewers, who are already using their mobile phones when watching TV, can use the QR code for multiple purposes:

  • Scanning the TV screen to participate in contests.
  • Reading more detailed information about a topic.
  • Participating in social media.
  • Having a better understanding of an advertised product or brand.

On the other hand, the broadcaster/show would benefit from the QR code in several ways that include:

  • Driving traffic to their digital properties.
  • Promoting apps downloads
  • Creating an interactive experience with the audience.

QR integration

Flowics provides the tools to easily create 2nd screen experiences with QR codes, helping you attract, retain, and monetize audiences on different platforms. 


This is how it works:

With Flowics Graphics you can create the full graphic package with all the necessary elements you need to implement this kind of experiences (CTAs, QR code, results, etc). And thanks to the remote control interface production teams can play in/out those graphics during the show with ease. 

Flowics’ Second Screen solution allows you to build the participation page with the show’s custom look & feel and embed it in both an app or website.

Some practical uses cases

For some of their sports shows, ESPN uses QR codes to easily take viewers to their digital properties to participate in polls.


During the popular TVN show “Que dice la gente?”, participants have to guess what people think regarding different topics. For this, viewers have to scan the QR code and vote on their app. 

Que dice la gente

During Maisa Silva and Luan Santana’s virtual concerts (2 popular Brazilian artists), viewers had the chance to easily access a donation page by just scanning the QR code on air.


As we have seen, the use of QR on-air is a trend with great benefits and even business opportunities; and Flowics can help you take the most out of them.

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