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Using Flowics to Engage Fans at Sporting Venues

Sports fans are consuming content in a different way than ever before. While some fans choose to watch games from the comfort of their living rooms, many continue to frequent stadiums for the incomparable rush of the live, in-person experience of their favorite sports.

With the advent of recent technologies and the popularity of personal mobile devices, stadiums are presented with an incredible opportunity to capitalize on the buzz and excitement at the venue and turn it into heightened fan engagement and monetization opportunities—offering fans bespoke messaging, promotions, and experiences.

Using Flowics’ platform, sports fans’ interactions can be transformed into exciting participation activities that put a new spin on the functionality of in-stadium jumbo screens and mobile applications alike. And, it is these types of interactive and personalized experiences that help incentivize today’s sports fans to continue going to stadiums instead of choosing to cheer on their favorite teams from home.

Making the In-Stadium Outing Even More Fun and Interactive

Going to a stadium can be expensive and time consuming, especially in comparison with the wealth of compelling in-home and on-the-go options for sport fans—from enormous, high-resolution domestic televisions to sporting applications with play-by-play feeds. That being said, stadiums hold onto their timeless draw: they are spaces in which energy and excitement runs high as live sport unfolds just meters away from viewers.

Interactive activities elevate an already supremely entertaining experience. And, as the in-stadium experience becomes more and more attractive for fans, ticket sales spike. Whether by filling downtime with technology-enhanced participation activities (polls, trivia, social media comment displays, etc.), personalizing promotions for in-stadium buys (concessions and gear), or providing more opportunities for fans to connect with players (special messages and VIP access), stadiums can take advantage of interactive mechanics to make fans feel like the in-person experience is ultimate way to view sports, both now and in the future.



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Create New Experiences for Sponsors and Drive Additional Revenue

Screen time equals face time with sponsors. While fans are enjoying exclusive videos or interactive content on their handheld devices at the stadium, they are also being exposed to targeted advertising. Instead of just having static ads, sponsors can also display their logo on mobile devices and stadium screens and integrate brand content into participative mechanics.

Brands have a unique opportunity to pair their content with specific participation activities, such as trivia questions and polls, and connect their messaging to an important aspect of the fan experience.


Promote App Downloads for Fans to Participate

One of the benefits of generating more interactivity at sporting venues is that doing so encourages app downloads. That is, fans will download teams’ apps if it means that they’ll gain access to a more enriched participative experience at the event. Fans want to make the most of their time at the stadium, and apps and digital content serve to offer fans exciting new ways to connect with the sports and teams they love.

Within apps, sporting teams are able to create tailored content and experiences. Through user interaction on this “second screen,” these institutions can learn more about their fans and what products and promotions appeal to them. This rich data can be molded into additional sources of income for brands, and this in turn creates additional revenue for the teams and venues themselves.


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