Using Flowics with Cloud Production Platforms

In a previous post we talked about how Flowics can be integrated with some of the most popular desktop-based production software applications. Flowics can also be integrated with market leading cloud-based production platforms, and we want to take this opportunity to show you how it works. This blog will explore how Flowics' can be integrated with 4 of the most popular cloud-based production platforms on the market: Grabyo Producer, Kiswe Studio, Tellyo Stream Studio and TVU Producer.

Before we dive in, you may be wondering - what are the benefits of using cloud production platforms and working in a 100% cloud-based environment? Taking it one step further - what are the benefits of integrating Flowics with these tools?

Cloud-based production platforms offer flexibility and collaboration capabilities that on-premise hardware is not built for. Because you can operate these tools via the internet, production teams can work remotely to create high quality broadcasts from anywhere in the world - no need to be on site. Cloud production tools also facilitate production for digital audiences. They allow for content creation that is tailored to digital environments and makes publishing to multiple destinations a breeze.

When you use Flowics in conjunction with a cloud-based workflow, you open up a realm of creative possibilities to maximize audience engagement and reach. Social media curation for on-air display, authoring and operation of advanced live graphics, second screen experiences for fans, interactive live polls, voting and competitions are just a few ways you can enhance your productions with Flowics. Seeing as Flowics is also a cloud-based solution, it integrates seamlessly with the following cloud production platforms and can be easily incorporated into existing workflows! 

Integrating Graphics with GRABYO Producer

Flowics has built a native integration with Grabyo, allowing shared users to make the most of both platforms' features and create truly engaging broadcasts. Graphics created using Flowics can be easily added and operated via Grabyo Producer. Here's how:

  • Access your Grabyo Producer account
  • Add Flowics as a source
  • Choose the previously created graphics package you would like to integrate 
That's it! Now you can conveniently incorporate exciting graphics into any production. What separates this integration from the rest is that the Flowics Graphics remote control application is fully embedded in Grabyo Producer, enabling production teams to operate graphics on the fly from a single interface.  


Integrating Graphics with Kiswe Studio

Kiswe also provides an easy integration with Flowics on Kiswe Studio. Flowics graphics can be quickly added to the platform as Dynamic HTML Widgets. This is how it works:

  • Create your scene
  • Add your Flowics outputs as widgets in your assets folder
  • Create an event & cast!


Integrating Graphics with TVU Producer

TVU Producer, another powerful cloud-based live production platform, can be simply integrated with Flowics Graphics. This is how:

  • On TVU Producer add an overlay
  • Grab the Flowics output URL and paste it in the Graphics URL field
  • After adding the video source you will see your overlays added in the Program window

Now you are ready to add dynamic graphics to your productions!


Integrating Graphics with Tellyo

Flowics is seamlessly integrated with Tellyo so that shared clients can easily manage and operate the graphics on every broadcast! How it works:

  • Open Tellyo Live Studio
  • Add a “web-page” source to a layer on your scene
  • Paste Flowics visualization URL and preview your scene

If you are interested in adding interactive, dynamic graphics to your next cloud production, schedule a demo today!